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What customers say about the Shift Communicator

Louis Roubroeks, Production chef Nouryon:
“We have been using the Shiftcommunicator for a number of years in our Production and Logistics department at our site in Herkenbosch.

The programme has a simple structure and is extremely operator-friendly. We use it for departments with 5-team shifts, 2-team shifts and a day shift. The manager him or herself can modify the configuration of instructions, KPIs, Actions, etc. per department without difficulty according to need.

Within the organization it has certainly been an improvement as a communication tool between operators individually and between operators and management. One advantage is that we don’t need to think twice about maintaining the programmes we use because OSE performs server maintenance for us.”

Sekisui s-lec
Roger Gerrits, Shift Supervisor bij Sekisui S-lec:
“Within a dynamic company, it is very important to keep the communication lines short. The aid of the shift communicator has helped us to succeed. The information now comes directly to the right place. It is a good communication tool between the various departments. It is also very nice that the shift communicator is accessible at almost every location. Together with OSE we were able to configure the shift communicator as desired within our organization.”

LBC Terminals Rotterdam
Arthur Boerma, Operations Manager at LBC Rotterdam B.V.:
“In 2017 we introduced Shift Communicator, the electronic log book. Short lines with the service department of OSE to put the electronic log book into use. The short lines ensure excellent service. Our requests are quickly and expertly picked up. LBC is satisfied with the collaboration with OSE.

In 2018 we want to further optimize our electronic log book together with OSE. We have confidence in this cooperation!”

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