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Improve internal communication

Improve the internal communication.

With the Shift Communicator you can ensure that the internal communication is improved. By ensuring that various parts of the organisation communicate clearly the production can be streamlined and mistakes prevented.

Simplify information stream

Simplify information stream.

The Shift Communicator helps to streamline and simplify the information flow. This ensures that all employees involved at the production process are quicker made aware of important information.

Veiligheid productieproces verhogen door er voor te zorgen dat iedereen op de hoogte is van overbruggingen, loto en veilig werkvergunningen

Increase the safety of the production process.

The Shift Communicator ensures that everybody is quicker aware of special activities and other actions which can potentially cause danger. With the use of the Shift Communicator the safety in an organisation can be increased.

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